iD's 2.25GB for £5 a month SIM only deal is the best cheap plan on the market

The Carphone Warehouse-owned iD network has let TechRadar into a little bit of a secret...there's a fantastic SIM only deal that it doesn't even promote on its own website.

Until the end of the year, you can get a 2.25GB SIM only plan for a mere fiver per month. If we've done our maths right (and that's a big if), that's 125% more data than you get with iD's usual £5pm deal, which only yields a solitary 1GB of data.

When it comes to the best SIM only deals on the market at the moment, iD's tariff is the best cheap plan going. But we know that 2.25GB just isn't going to be quite enough data for everybody, so keep reading to see our pick of the other cheapest deals around.

This fiver a month SIM only deal in full:

Today's other best SIM only deals:

Best SIM only deals

If you want to go with a network other than those above or just want to compare these SIM only deals to the best of the rest of the market, then you can use the interactive price comparison chart on our best SIM only deals page.

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