10-Minute Chia Seed Jam

This 10-Minute Chia Seed Jam recipe is my fave!!  It’s super quick and easy to make, thickened with chia (instead of tons of extra sugar), totally delicious, and made with real ingredients you can feel great about.

This 10-Minute Chia Seed Jam recipe is super easy to make, it's made with just 1 tablespoon of honey (instead of tons of added sugars!), it's perfect for breakfasts (toast, parfaits, etc.), sandwiches, cookies, and more, and it's SO delicious!  Feel free to make it with your favorite juicy fruit (such as strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, peach, etc.). | Gimme Some Oven #chiajam #cleaneating #chiaseed #healthybreakfast

After yesterday’s post sharing my all-time favorite healthy granola recipe, I couldn’t resist following it up with my favorite add-in when making granola and yogurt breakfast parfaits…

…ch-ch-ch-chia seed jam!

Have you guys jumped on the chia jam train yet?!  I first started making it for myself three years ago, when I cut out sugar from my diet for 90 days, and have been a total convert ever since.  Why?

  • Chia seeds thicken the jam…not tons of added sugar! Traditional jams contain an insane amount of sugar.  But not chia jam.  In fact, most of the time I add zero added sweetener to this recipe, since the fruit is usually sweet enough on its own.  For fruits that are more tart (i.e. raspberries), I still only add about 1 tablespoon honey.
  • You can use fresh or frozen fruit.  Perfect for leftover fresh fruit in the summertime when it’s in season.  And perfect for digging into the freezer during the wintertime.
  • No canning is required.  Which is a good thing, since I’m still a canning novice.
  • It’s easy to make in small batches.  This recipe yields about 1 cup, or you can scale it for more/less.
  • One batch only takes about 10 minutes.  Easy peasy, made in the same amount of time it takes to brew your morning coffee.
  • This recipe works with nearly any juicy fruit. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, peaches, apricots, kiwi, pineapple…you name it!  Just about any juicy fruit will work here.  And feel free to customize yours with any other seasonings as well!

But the number one reason I love chia seed jam?  It just tastes great.  Specifically, it tastes like real fruit.  I mean, what a concept with a fruit spread.  

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