Tuscan White Bean, Sausage and Kale Soup

This Tuscan White Bean, Sausage and Kale Soup is quick and easy to make, and full of the coziest Italian flavors.  It’s also naturally gluten-free and freezes beautifully.

There are a zillion big and little differences about the grocery stores here in Barcelona that we’ve have come to know and love during our time here.  (Ok, plus plenty that I don’t love — hello, having-to-wait-in-line-to-weigh-and-print-a-receipt-for-every-single-piece-of-produce-you-purchase before going to the register to check out, bah.)  Still, from the various kinds of lockers located at the front of each store, to the quirky little grocery carts here, to the abundance of good cheeses and breads and leeks and fresh seafood, not to mention the crazy affordability of good wines and nut milks and roasted red peppers, to digestives galore (holla!) and zillions of gin and tonic decorations (G&Ts are all the rage here) to literal walls full of zee Spanish meats (mmm), to the streamlined checkout systems everywhere you go — grocery shopping here always feels like a fun adventure, and I inevitably come home from each trip with new discoveries to share.  One of my favorite said discoveries?

All of the beans here in Spain are sold in clear glass jars. 

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