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VECEZ’s Terms of Service

By accessing “VECEZ” (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, “vcz news”, “https://Vecez.com”), you agree to be legally bound by the following terms.
These Terms of Service apply to the use of vecez.com and its affiliates. This user agreement applies to all visitors of vecez.com, including legal entities, digital engines, and individuals. These terms and condition bind them along with the Privacy Policy. These terms and conditions can be modified at any time and from time to time. The date of the most recent revisions will be available on this page, so check back sporadically. By using this website, you agree that your use of Vecez.com is subject to the Terms of Service and periodic changes in the Term of Service. If you do not agree to bound by all these terms that are given below, don’t use the services of Vecez.com.

Use of the Service

This service is designed to provide the latest news about sports, Astro, leisure, health recipes, entertainment, and Tech news along with images. You can use the given material only for information purpose. You accept that you are using the Vecez.com service at your own risk. The Vecez.com may add or remove features from this website at any time in its sole discretion.

The Vecez.com takes no responsibility for any errors and omissions in the materials published on the website. The Vecez.com makes no commitment to update the information on the website. No information or advice given by Vecez.com will create any liability or warranty. The Vecez.com is not liable to transmit or post to the Vecez.com by a third party. Any third party content doesn’t unavoidably represent the beliefs or options.

The Vecez.com occasionally schedules the downtime for maintenance and another purpose. Unplanned outages are also possible, and Vecez.com is not responsible for any loss of data or transaction caused by planned or unplanned outages of systems and web host providers. The Vecez makes no disclaims, warranties or implied regarding accuracy, timeliness, completeness and reliability of the text. The Vecez is not responsible for any third party content or advertisements that are posted on the website.


All materials available on the Vecez.com, such as news, videos, photographs, sound files and other materials are protected by copyright laws and should not be reproduced, distributed, republished, displayed, broadcasted, sold or exploited in any manner without written permission of Vecez. Unauthorized use of the content is considered a violation of copyright, trademark, and other laws. You can’t use the content except as permitted under the Terms of Service. You can download freely-accessible content from Vecez.com for your personal and non-commercial use. Any material transmitted or posted by the third party on the Vecez.com will become the copyrighted property of Vecez. It will be used, published, reproduced, sold and broadcasted by the Daily News. In the case of any violation of these Terms of Service, your permission to access the Vecez.com will be terminated, and you have to destroy immediately the copies of the content that you made from the website.

The Vecez.com will not permit infringement of intellectual property rights on the Vecez.com services. If you believe that any service of Vecez.com infringes your copyright or other intellectual-property rights, you should notify the Daily News by providing the information to the Copyright Agent of Vecez.com:

4 Plaza, 6th Floor
Los Angeles, 90808
(t) 800.221.3562
(f) 888.220.6305
[email protected]

By using the Vecez Services, you are acknowledging and agreeing that associated text, graphic, audio, press material, video, and all relevant material available on the website is related to Vecez.com only. They reserve the right to audit the use of materials and any portion at any time.

Impermissible Uses of Vecez.com Services

You accept not to:

  • Systematically retrieve data or other content from the Vecez.com to create and compile any directory, database or other manuals like this.
  • Use any trademarks, intellectual property and trade names of Vecez.com or any other party affiliated to Vecez.
  • Collect user names and addresses of users by electronic or other methods for the purpose of sending an unsolicited email and other communications.
  • Any attempt to unauthorized access to the networks or computer systems of Vecez.com “Vecez” (“Vcz News”, “https://Vecez.com”).



The Vecez owns the Vecez or other trade names, logos and other intellectual property. No one can use anything related to Vecez.com without permission.

User Accounts and Passwords

To use certain features and functions of Vecez.com, you may need to create a user account with passwords. You agree to maintain the security of your user account and passwords. You will not use this account and password for any unauthorized purpose. By creating an account, you certify that you are at least 13 (thirteen) years of age.
You are responsible for actions carried out by your user accounts and passwords. The Vecez.com has right to terminate your user accounts for any reason without notice.

Privacy Policy

The Vecez.com has designed a Privacy Policy, and it is subjected to change from time to time. The Privacy Policy explains how the Vecez.com collects information and uses it. The Privacy Policy is a part of these Terms of Services and included here by reference.


This entire agreement is between you and Vecez.com, and this can be modified according to latest circumstances. Any access or use of the information will be governed by the laws of the country. A waiver by any party of any term or condition of this agreement will be considered as a breach. The failure of the Vecez.com to exercise or enforce any portion of the Terms of Service will not comprise a waiver or modification of any right or position.

RSS Terms

The RSS Terms apply to all users of the Vecez.com RSS feeds, such as:

  • RSS feeds are for personal and non-commercial use only.
  • For any article, you will not display more text than provided in the RSS feed.
  • All text from RSS feed should be displayed in the similar manner in which we actually provide the text.
  • You are not allowed to edit, translate or format the content provided by Vecez.com.
  • You will not display the logo, trademark, name or another identifier of another person in connection with RSS feeds of Vecez.com in any manner.


Last updated: 2-17-2016